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The Top Curb Appeal Tips To Sell Your Home This Spring

When you want to sell your home, curb appeal is very important. Buyers start to form an opinion about your property the moment they pull up to the driveway. Now that warmer weather is here, you can get outside and do some work in your yard to improve your home’s curb appeal to sell your home this spring.

Curb Appeal Tips to Sell your Home This Spring

  • Make sure your lawn and yard look immaculate.

Get outside and do a through tidy-up before your home is shown to prospective buyers. If trees or shrubs have become overgrown over the winter, make sure they are cut back or pruned. Rake or blow away dead leaves from your lawn and flower beds to avoid having a cluttered look.

Mow the lawn regularly and put down fresh mulch to mark spaces in your yard to create a fresh look.

  • Add a bit of colour with flowers, trees and shrubs.

Go to your local garden store to select some colourful, healthy-looking flowers, trees and shrubs. Consider getting several colours of the same type of flower to keep it simple while making a statement. The staff can help you make a selection that will be appropriate, based on the amount of sunlight you get on your yard.

  • Give your back yard some attention.

The back yard is an important selling feature to modern home buyers. It is considered an extra “room” in the house and a place to entertain family and friends. Place some lawn or furniture in the back yard so that buyers can picture themselves sitting in the space enjoying a warm summer day or evening with their family and friends.

If you have room, create a space for a vegetable garden or flower beds to show that there is room for versatility in the yard. You’ll want to convince buyers that they can move in and make it their own.

For more curb appeal tips to help you sell your home quickly and for more cash, contact Daniel and Bonnie Wan today.

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