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Tips for Making a Room Appear Larger

When potential buyers are looking at a home, they want to see a large space. Small, cramped quarters are a definite turn-off. While you can’t increase the floor space in your home, there are some strategies you can use for making a room appear larger.

Tips for Making a Room Appear Larger

• In all your rooms, paint the ceiling or wallpaper the ceiling to create the illusion of more space. Pull furniture a few inches away from the walls as well; this strategy also makes the room appear larger and less cramped.
• Make your living room look larger by choosing a single colour to decorate the room with and incorporating different shades into the design. You won’t end up breaking up the room with more than one colour and the overall effect will be of a larger space.
• Hang a dramatic piece of art in your dining room to make the space feel larger.
• Rather than covering up the dining room table with a cloth, leave it uncovered. The exposed legs of the table help to open up the space.
• If you don’t like the look of artwork in your dining area, hanging a large mirror over the table will make the space instantly appear larger.
• Place an area rug in your dining room to set off the room. If you have a combined living room/dining room area, define each area with its own rug – and they don’t have to match. Striped rugs will help to elongate the room and make it appear larger.
• Consider ceiling or wall-mounted light fixtures to make a small bedroom appear larger. Lamps take up space on bedside tables, but look more streamlined when mounted. They also draw the eye up, making your room appear larger.
• If you want to display your books, shoes, jewelry or other items in your room, organize them by colour. They will look neat and the room will appear larger as a result.
• In your home office, choose matching furniture to create a space with a larger appearance. If your furniture is a mismatch of different styles, it will tend to look squeezed.

By incorporating these tips to make your rooms look bigger, you will be able to make your home look more spacious when attracting potential buyers. When you are ready to sell your home, call Daniel and Bonnie Wan. With their network of contacts and knowledge of the current market, they will be able to help you get it sold quickly and for the right price.

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