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Tips to Throwing the Best Open House

If you are planning to throw an open house, know that it requires ample preparation and it can truly be time-consuming. This is also the reason why some homeowners get intimidated by the work involved when one throws an open house. To make the whole process easier, it is best to work with an experienced real estate agent.


Throwing a great open house will definitely attract potential buyers. To help you prepare, check out these tips:

Hire a Real Estate Agent

The best way to navigate through the whole process is by having an expert by your side to help you make certain decisions. Experienced real estate agents can take care of the small details for you – from advertising your open house to actually staging your home. It also helps to have an extra pair of eyes to take a look at your progress and make sure that everything is done based on your timeline.


Be Open

Once you hire a real estate agent, the next best thing you can do is let them know as much as your property as possible. Transparency is important especially when it comes to having the deal that you want. Your real estate agent will be able to conduct an in-depth interview starting on the consultation phase. You have to be prepared to answer each question that your real estate agent asks you.


Spice Up the Place

Once you have chosen the right person for the job and you have answered everything that you need to answer, the next thing you can do is to make sure that your home is ready. Staging is different from decorating. It is important to know that home staging is more focused on creating a space that will most appeal to potential buyers – not just creating a fashionable space.


Throwing an open house with an experienced real estate agent certainly helps you deal with the tedious process and makes everything more fun, rather than just challenging.


If you want to hire a seasoned real estate agent to help you go through all the process of home staging and who will help you find the perfect buyer for your beloved home, call Daniel and Bonnie Wan of The Right Wans at 905.883.8888 today! They will definitely help you pull off the best staged home to land the perfect buyer. We hope to see you soon!

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