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Top 6 Benefits of Buying a Condo

If you are in the market for a home, have you considered the benefits of buying a condo? There are a number of reasons to consider this type of home, especially if you are looking for your first one or have decided that now is the right time to downsize. Here are the best reasons to take a good look at the GTA condo market right now:

1. Condos are Relatively Affordable

An apartment condominium can cost much less than a single family home that has a similar number of square feet. Why the difference in price? You share the cost of the land with the other condo owners.

2. They Offer Plenty of Amenities

Choosing condominium living means you get access to amenities such a gym, sauna, party room, swimming pool, terrace, etc. You would either have to pay a premium or drive to a different location to get these features in a single family home, but access to them comes included when you buy a condo.

3. No Need to Deal with Outdoor Maintenance

A big advantage of choosing to buy a condo is that you are not responsible for dealing with cutting the grass or shoveling snow. Those tasks are taken care of for you. You can look forward to weekends that are “your” time to do with as you please.

4. You’ll Have More Security

Living in a high-rise condominium means that you’ll likely have more security than the average single-family home. At the very least, guests will likely have to buzz to be let into the building, and there may be an alarm system and security cameras in place as well.

5. It’s Easy to Meet Your Neighbours

If you move into a new area, it may take some time before you meet the people who live next door, much less on the same street. Living in a condominium complex makes it easier to meet people, especially if the one you choose schedules meetings for owners from time to time.

6. You Have the Freedom to Renovate Your Space

Unlike living in an apartment, you own your unit. You can renovate and decorate it to suit your needs and taste.

Condominiums can provide you with the best parts of home ownership without some of the hassles of caring for a house. If you are looking to buy on this type of fuss-free basis, call Daniel and Bonnie Wan today.

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