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What You Can Expect from a Buyer’s Agent

What You Can Expect from a Buyer’s Agent

It’s no surprise that a lot of home buyers hire a real estate agent to help them with their house-hunting journey. Without a seasoned real estate agent, you can expect that it will take you a while to finally get the keys to a new home (that is if you’ll ever get through the whole process by yourself at all!).With a trusted real estate agent you can be sure that you can soon find yourself relaxing on your bed… in your amazing new home!

You probably already know that it is a much wiser choice to get a buyer’s agent to help you out. But if this is your first time to buy your own house, you probably have no idea what it is exactly that your agent will do for you. So, what can you expect from your agent?

–          Your agent must have a vast knowledge of the real estate market. That would include the law, neighbourhood conditions, price trends, as well issues on taxes, financing, insurance, and negotiation.

–          Your agent will help you determine if all your wants and needs in a home and in a particular neighbourhood are actually viable. He or she will help you figure out how much you can afford and clue you in on the latest market conditions and set your expectations as you go shopping for a home.

–          Your agent will devise a tailored strategy that is based on your needs, your budget, and of course, the current market conditions.

–          Your agent will meet with you to accompany you to different available properties. Either before or after each showing, your agent will discuss all the details with you, including each home’s selling points, floor plans, and the kind of neighbourhood it belongs to (crime rate, school options, recreational centers, and more).

–          Your agent will also be responsible for obtaining disclosures as well as ensuring that home inspections and repairs are performed. He or she will also coordinate all the activities of your inspector, lawyer, lender, and practically everyone involved in your purchase.

–          Your agent will ensure that everything goes through without a hitch, iron out any wrinkles, and finally be there with you as the key to your new house is handed over to you.

There’s more to buying a house than simply looking at houses and paying for them, and without the guidance of a highly-experienced professional, everything can go wrong. Make sure that you have someone you can trust by your side as you start searching for your dream home. Call us today!



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