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Why Home Staging is For You

Home staging is probably one of the most important real estate marketing tools there is. Ask any real estate professional and they will tell you having your home staged is absolutely crucial in selling your property.

Home staging makes a drab space appear more appealing – both online and offline. You have to keep in mind that prospective buyers of today begin their house-hunting journey online. Investing in home staging can do wonders in creating a space that draws buyers in.

If you are still on the fence whether you should invest in home staging, you should read the entry below. We have run down all the benefits of home staging – form start to finish.

1. At first glance – online

As mentioned earlier, most homebuyers begin their search online. Having good quality pictures gets you shortlisted without you having to open the door. Home staging makes your home appear more appealing even at first glance because these designs are based not only on aesthetic but also on the human concept of what is comfortable –making them irresistibly appealing.

2. Decorating is different from home staging

Some homeowners would go on defense and say their home has already been decorated. You have to understand that home staging is completely different from home staging. Home staging depersonalizes a space without leaving it looking barren.

3. Clutter is never in style

Homes accumulate clutter – this is a given fact. You home staging does not only remove unsightly clutter but also use advanced designing principles to remove anything that is blocking a room’s overall flow.

Clutter comes in many forms – it can be accumulated junk or it can be your couch that is positioned wrong. An expert eye is what you need to make sure your home is clutter-free.

4. The WOW factor

If your home is located in a stellar location, is in pristine condition then staging it is just what you need to close the deal. Home staging is what gives your home the wow factor it needs – so don’t think twice any longer.

There you have it, reasons why you need home staging services from the experts. Call on Bonnie and Daniel Wan are dedicated and experienced real estate professionals who are ready to assist you every step of the way.

Bonnie is a skilled designer who uses her knowledge in real estate marketing to transform any drab space into a winning abode. Contact them today by calling 905-883-8888. Bonnie and Daniel Wan also offer FREE home evaluation services.

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