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Your Duties to Your Agent for a Productive Partnership

Whoever said buying a real estate property is easy has never bought one.  If you ask anyone who had been down this road before, it probably even seemed impossible at the time. Majority would swear, they feel like they were only able to do so, thanks to their very reliable real estate agent. Now if you have a good agent working with you, it will be a lot easier to find a property that meets your requirements. But that doesn’t mean you should just let the agent do his or her job while you just sit at home and wait for some good news.


As a buyer, you do have your duties to your agent to make sure that yours is a healthy and productive working relationship. Here are some things you should remember:


  1. Practice punctuality. This is important and not only in the real estate world, but in every industry you get into. When you work with someone else, you have to respect and value their time. If it’s unavoidable to get late sometimes, be courteous enough to let the other person know, at least two to three hours prior to your meeting.


  1. Do not go to open houses unescorted. Buyers who walk in to open houses unaccompanied is an easy prey for those looking for one. If you happen to pass by an open house that seems interesting, let your agent know about it and find out if it’s possible for you two to go. If your agent is fine with the idea of you going alone, you should hand your agent’s business card to the host to be clear that you have representation.


  1. Set your expectations from the moment you cement your partnership. Once you are in agreement that you will be requiring your agent’s service, thoroughly go over all of your expectations – this may include communication, time frame, goals, priorities, and more.


  1. Be honest. Your agent has been in the industry for years and know more about it than you do. But if there is anything you are unsure about, do let your agent know. If there is anything that has displeased you, then you should talk about that, too.


  1. Do not forget that you already have a buyer’s agent. Some buyers get confused, or innocently call a listing agent for a second opinion. You should know though, that if you do that,  the listing agent will expect to represent you and that might cause you some problems later on in the process.


These are only five simple reminders that you should keep in mind if you want to work harmoniously with your agent. It is true that a lot depends on the efficiency of your agent, but remember that your agent also needs your full commitment for you both to achieve your ultimate goal of finding the perfect home for you.



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