A significant partnership-like mated birds, flying in pairs together, ultimately, flying together, towards an endless horizon.

Welcome to Bonnie and Daniel Wan's home on the internet.

Bonnie & Daniel Wan look at their partnership through the poetic lens of the ancient Chinese poem Ye Ya-a piece of poetry scribed about a native bird species in the South of China. These birds, like Bonnie & Daniel, fly together in pairs-to not only create strength, but also to reflect each others’ passions and to balance their own natures.

Leading to this beautiful-and successful-partnership (both personally and professionally) is the perfect combination of Daniel’s warmth, empathy and analytical side-and Bonnie’s charm, creativity and pleasant demeanor. A mere gaze at their photos and imagery will instill the peace that they bring to their lives, and to the home-buying and home-selling processes. The result of their two complementary personalities is a sentimental partnership that their clients are immediately drawn to-and that keeps them coming back time after time.

After their first meeting over traditional Chinese tea, one set of clients described the Wans by paraphrasing famous Chinese painter Li Zhou when they said “I admired the couple, their own natures magnified by nature itself, and after a long thorny path they are able to fly together, beautifully, with paired wings.”

Insisting on Innovation Through Accumulation.

In the 1980s Bonnie & Daniel immigrated to Toronto, Daniel from Hong Kong and Bonnie from Taiwan. They were immediately united by their passion, determination and caring natures-and became partners, for life and in real estate-like a pair of mated penguins. It was this combination of their personal and professional pairing that developed into their pioneering approach to the real estate industry with their ‘Living Real Estate’ concept .The Living Real Estate approach, of impassioned selling combined with smart analytics (a result of Daniel’s Engineering and Accounting degrees and experience), has created a power couple of Richmond Hill real estate-a true ‘doubles championship’ of realtor performance. Their track records of success and results have led to numerous industry accolades-and a long list of happy clients.

Both Bonnie and Daniel define their ‘doubles’ success not as independent realtors, but as a strategic team. If you’re curious about the effectiveness and dedication of this ‘team’ approach-simply gaze on the radiant smile on Bonnie’s face, as she speaks about the honour, pride and gratitude she feels for being blessed with this professional and personal success with Daniel.

Their team approach leverages the finely-tuned expertise of each, with Bonnie handling the marketing, PR, advertising, design, photography, interior design & renovations and pre-sale property enhancements-and Daniel (leveraging his engineering and accountant brain and analytical side) to complete their human resources-like tasks, accounting, analytics, value assessments and high-level technology. Daniel focuses on pioneering communication techniques that value the opinions of their clients, while empowering him to focus on pre- and post-sales services. His dedication to his clients is focused on deeply listening to them, his buyer and seller empathy-and in combining their needs with market-driven analyzations to create a sound investment strategy, over the long-term.

Daniel was an unlikely accountant, engineer and IT professional (before entering the real estate industry-and never looking back!) given his warm nature and his natural connection with others. This background served him extremely well though, as his ability to combine his warmth with his analytical side created a force to be reckoned with. It was this ‘force’ that carried him through his rough start in the industry-as he joined the industry in the 1980s, a time of historically-high interest rates of 21% and an extremely ‘down’ market. Luckily, Daniel was no stranger to overcoming adversity, he has already done so while in Hong Kong-graduating as an engineer and doing extremely well despite his disadvantaged beginnings. Soon after, Bonnie joined him in the industry, and they teamed up each of their interpersonal skill set with the other-to create accumulating experience that, thanks to their innovation, would lead them to creating tremendous opportunities for themselves in the industry.

Inheriting Faith in Business

One of Bonnie & Daniel’s major successes in the business has come from their rich ties to the Chinese and Asian communities here in Richmond Hill. Not only has their fluency in Cantonese and Mandarin helped them to grow deep roots in the community here, their own experiences as new immigrants gives them significant empathy for newcomers to Toronto and Richmond Hill.

When a new immigrant first arrives in the city they must navigate the world of accommodations, either in the difficult world of renting-or the even more-confusing world of Canadian home ownership. By understanding new immigrants’ fears and hopes for their ‘Canadian Dream’, Bonnie and Daniel are able to turn a traditionally-transactional process into an exciting experience-carefully guided by caring professionals who can help them make well-informed decisions. Unfortunately many agents and brokers, even other foreign-national Canadians, do not offer the same integration services to our new immigrant friends-with many choosing a quick-sale, transactional relationship that focuses on their own profits, instead of on the individuals and their hopes and dreams in this great country.

Bonnie & Daniel’s approach to new-immigrant home sales is on ‘faith’, ‘humanity’ and ‘professionalism’. Their trust-worthy suggestions and faithful assistance leads to exciting new beginnings in Canada.

Accumulating Knowledge Through Service

Service is supreme for the Wan team-a sentiment cherished by Bonnie, who has made it her passion to cater to every detail of the home-selling process, from art design in advertisements to landscaping to interior design. Her perfectionist nature means she leaves no detail untouched, which when combined with her artistic nature (she has a lifelong love-affair with singing, dancing, music and drawing-which have been showcased locally in local charity performances and community events) has developed a creative super power.

Apart from the aesthetics of real estate, the team-mainly through Daniel-is highly focused on accumulating knowledge in IT, to add to their overall advertising/marketing and service offering. In addition to incorporating technology into their selling processes they also encourage technology-oriented home upgrades that add value to home, including computerized smart houses, remote controls, high-tech power supplies, green energy, solar power, waste-water reutilization, eco devices, remote surveillance for family safety, and more.

This service through knowledge accumulation is beneficial not only for the newcomer clients who need to know what technologies and artistic designs are coveted in Canadian real estate, but also homeowner and homebuyers looking to make smart investment decisions.

Extending Ingrained Personal Morals to their Professional Lives

One of the things that initially drew Daniel and Bonnie together is their unwavering commitment to personal integrity and morals. They have brought this to their professional life. This professional commitment to morals and integrity is refreshing in the industry-a sentiment that is highly regarded by their client base, who understand that the Wans simply will not facilitate a quick transaction for short-term profit. The Wans build long-lasting relationships based on earned trust, which both comes from-and fosters-a solid reputation in the Richmond Hill Chinese community.

Their unwavering integrity has led to their bright and successful career-as they continue to soar in the sky together, like the Ye Ya partnered birds.

Bonnie and Daniel are grateful for their continued success and continue to feel extremely blessed for their loyal clients. They look forward to what the future brings-a future they will face, with strength-together.

"I admired the couple, their own natures magnified by nature itself, and after a long thorny path they are able to fly together, beautifully, with paired wings."

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    You were a incredible help during our recently sold home! The photographs you took were brilliant stunning! Your expertise is second to none. Futhermore, you brought a full sized coach filled with possible buyers to our home for viewin. This is truly amazing! Buring our listing period, we view many offers from other agents. But they weren't able to get the price we desired. Together with yor trememdous connections fo clients, you brought just the right purchaser for our home. Finally it was listed and sold by your own clients, in which we were very satisfied with. Both of you were thorough an thoughtful and we will certainly recommend you to friends & family who are looking for an honest, sincere, experienced and hardworking realtor.


    Bonnie & Daniel, we can't find enough compliments to say how much we appreciated your hard work in selling our Bayview Hill property for us. Your ongoing communication with us has been superb, and we felt like you were not only our real estate representative, but a close friend as well. In addition, home renovation can be a very overwhelming process for all home owners. But you two were always one step ahead and provided us with everything we needed without overwhelming us in anyways. It was so impressive seeing a coach of 30 potential home buyers came into my house for showing. This is so fascinated and incredible. We never saw any other agents selling houses like this! I believe this could only be done by your because of the years of experiences and you guys are truly the real estate pioneer of Bayview Hill.

    Within one week after listing, our home was sold for the price above our expectations! We would highly recommend you to anyone either selling or purchasing. You are very passionate and we have found you to be the best real estate agent we have had the please of dealing with. Thanks again for everything you guy did for us and congratulations on a job well done!


    We would like to extend our gratitude for your professionalism and hard work in selling our house in less than one week. We were highly impressed by your knowledge f the local market and key community contacts, which assisted us in selling our house quickly and efficiently. It was a pleasure working with both of you, as you each brought your unique skills and expertise to the table. With Daniel's excellent negotiation skills and Bonnie's keen eye for design and detail, the two of you make the ultimate realtor team.

    We would highly recommend your services to anyone looking to buy or sell !


    I would like to recommend both Daniel and Bonnie for their professionalism in the services they provided us during the sale of our home in Bayview Hill located in Richmond Hill.

    They were both very helpful in assisting us to ensure that we are ready to put our hoe on the market along with their expertise in knowing what our home should be listed at. Can't imagine that they can produce much higher than asking price and more importantly that the sell price is higher that other local agents quoting us!

    Both my husband and I would recommend their services as theya re experts in their field, they were very ethical in how they managed the sale of our home. We have deep impressions of the integrity of Daniel: walking his words. Both Bonnie and Daniel, the # WAN team works very closely at every issue personally. Most definitely we would recommend them to anyone who wants true professionalism, honesty and mostly that they work for the seller.


    Dear Bonne and Dan,

    First of all: THANK YOU BOTH for every way you have helped us accomplish out goal of selling our home for the highest value. When we decided to sell our home, where we have lived for 25 years, we inerviewed 5 real estate agents with signs in our neighborhood. The Wans had far more knowledge, experience, and success in our area than anyone else, wih 22 years in Bayview Hill and over 1000 homes sold -- plus they live here, have raised their chrildren here, and care deeply about our community. We also related to your enthusiatic, tireless, supremely ethical style of work. Our home needed some preperation before listing. Again your expertise in identifying, prioritizing what to do (and what not to do) and even finding an independent contrator to complete the work excellently, on a tight time schedule was amazing. The contractor was as gracious and as tireless as you both, working 16 hour days to finish on budget, on schedule. Also, your community contacts and stellar reputation in the town of Richmond Hill were invaluable in overcoming any issues. Selling any house seems very stressfull, and you were there for us, no matter what time of day (or night), no matter what issue. We never met anyone who works harder than you. Even after our home went under contract, you stayed in touch constantly, communicating and strategizing to ensure completion of the sale in a way which met OUR interest to value our home at the highest possible price. While we noticed other agents lower prices, perhaps to meet their own needs during the process. But the best bonus was far more important than money; as a result of our admiration and joy in working with the Wans, we became friends, a friendship we hope lasts a lifetime. By the way, if we ever have another house to sell, we will choose Dan and Bonnie again, for all the best professional reasons.



    Bonnie and Dan,

    Let me first thank you for working os hard and late to make this sale possible. I first did not appreciate your offer to help and took your honest effort with suspicious.

    You have to understant that after previous two "sales" and countless other agents who decieved us and wasted so much of my time I was hesitant to give try to someone unknown to me.

    I am glad I chose you. I am sorry again for not realizing you as a hard working and outstadning gentleman.

    I appreciate your work and will recommand you two to anyone looking for the house to buy/ sell.