1. Get the right agent.
A good agent can relieve some of the stress of house hunting. Get recommendations from friends and co-workers in your area. Don’t just let the listing agent on a house represent you both, as his fiduciary responsibility is to the seller.  Interview a couple of agents to find the right chemistry and look over their record of sales in the past year. Once you have found somebody you like, make sure she is willing to communicate with you in the form you want (email, phone, text, etc.) and as often as you want.

2. Get preapproved for a loan.
“A preapproval letter — or lack of one – can mean snagging or missing the perfect home,” says agent Carol Dellynn Schimschat on MSN Real Estate’s Facebook page. It helps you stay realistic about price, puts you more at ease during the process and gives you an edge over other bidders.

3. Don’t look at too many homes.
It’s easy to get overwhelmed and confused if you look at too many homes or seek too many opinions from friends and relatives. Make a “must have” list with your immediate family for the features that are non-negotiable, versus just “wants” or “wishes,” says Jessica Edwards with Seas Coast Realty in North Carolina.  Have your agent help narrow down the field. There’s a lot of inventory out there, and you can’t or shouldn’t see it all.

4. Keep an open mind.
More times than they can count, agents say, buyers will start a search looking for that perfect Craftsman bungalow only to find that the features and amenities they crave are in a sprawling midcentury ranch house. Be open to suggestions from your real-estate agent, who might show you something you didn’t know you would love.

5. When you find a home you like, learn about the neighborhood.
A large part of your satisfaction with daily life revolves around the amenities, schools and neighbors where you live. “Once you find a home, go back to the street and neighborhood at different times of the day and on the weekend,” says Tony Geraci, broker/owner of Century 21 Homestar in Cleveland. “Try to meet some of the neighbors.”

6. Never buy without a home inspection.
As many agents pointed out, you can’t rely on what you see in a walk-through. Problems hide under carpeting and inside walls and attics. Always get that home you’re buying checked over by a certified home inspector and follow through on any additional inspections he recommends.You’ll be glad you did.

7. If you don’t understand something, speak up.
Ideally, your agent will have run through the homebuying process and what to expect at the outset of your search. But if you don’t understand any part of the paperwork, process or terminology, ask, says Denver real-estate agent David Simonson. So many people whiz through paperwork without understanding what they are signing. That can come back to haunt you.

8. Submit your highest and best offer upfront.
In markets that are doing relatively well, prime properties often receive multiple offers. “There’s no time to haggle,” says Maria Pena Morales of Re/Max Ranch & Beach in San Diego.  Make sure it’s a realistic offer and submit it with a list of comparable sales to support it.

10. Don’t get emotional. It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement and tension of bidding.

But you shouldn’t move past your predetermined price range, no matter how much you love the house. “Be realistic with your price range, don’t overextend yourself, and be comfortable with everyone in your transaction,” replied jlibman_MTGNews to @MSNRealEstate’s Twitter feed. And consider choosing a backup house that you like almost as much, says Todd Hetherington of Century 21 New Millennium in Washington, D.C. It might take some of the pressure out of negotiations.

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    First of all: THANK YOU BOTH for every way you have helped us accomplish out goal of selling our home for the highest value. When we decided to sell our home, where we have lived for 25 years, we inerviewed 5 real estate agents with signs in our neighborhood. The Wans had far more knowledge, experience, and success in our area than anyone else, wih 22 years in Bayview Hill and over 1000 homes sold -- plus they live here, have raised their chrildren here, and care deeply about our community. We also related to your enthusiatic, tireless, supremely ethical style of work. Our home needed some preperation before listing. Again your expertise in identifying, prioritizing what to do (and what not to do) and even finding an independent contrator to complete the work excellently, on a tight time schedule was amazing. The contractor was as gracious and as tireless as you both, working 16 hour days to finish on budget, on schedule. Also, your community contacts and stellar reputation in the town of Richmond Hill were invaluable in overcoming any issues. Selling any house seems very stressfull, and you were there for us, no matter what time of day (or night), no matter what issue. We never met anyone who works harder than you. Even after our home went under contract, you stayed in touch constantly, communicating and strategizing to ensure completion of the sale in a way which met OUR interest to value our home at the highest possible price. While we noticed other agents lower prices, perhaps to meet their own needs during the process. But the best bonus was far more important than money; as a result of our admiration and joy in working with the Wans, we became friends, a friendship we hope lasts a lifetime. By the way, if we ever have another house to sell, we will choose Dan and Bonnie again, for all the best professional reasons.



    Bonnie and Dan,

    Let me first thank you for working os hard and late to make this sale possible. I first did not appreciate your offer to help and took your honest effort with suspicious.

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