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Childproofing New Homes

If you have children, especially those less than four years old, it is essential to have your home childproofed. How can it be done? By identifying common dangers and choosing the best products that will decrease the risk of accidents. It is the parents’ responsibility to evaluate each room in the house, pinpoint things that might be harmful to children (especially those in the walking stage). Here are some tips you can keep in mind:


Choking Hazards

Here is the general rule of thumb: If it fits a cardboard toilet paper roll, then it is a choking hazard. For instance, doorstops with removable caps are a big concern. A curious child might put one in his or her mouth, and the cap can become loosened by the child’s saliva and eventually, swallowed.


Falling Furniture

If you have unbalanced furniture around, you better get rid of it. It can fall and pin children down. Heavy dressers, bookcases, entertainment centers should be anchored to the wall with anti-tip, earthquake-proof furniture straps. A flat screen television that sits on furniture or TV tables is also a common tipping hazard so it should also be secured.


Cabinet Locks

Sharp implements, cleaning products – a cabinet can store a wide variety of hazards to children. You can keep children out by installing childproof cabinet locks. You can opt for those locks with metal spring mechanisms or magnetic locks.


Electric Outlets

The most common plastic insert used to plug unused sockets is actually a choking hazard. It can be easily pulled out and can also be put into little ones’ mouths just as easily. Your child can also easily pull a lamp or an appliance cord out of its outlet and touch the exposed socket. You should use self-sliding outlet covers as they slide closed when nothing is plugged and they also prevent a child from putting their fingers into the socket.


Pots and Pans

Banging on pots and pans is something that children enjoy doing. The problem with this, however, is that once you hand one to your child, they consider it as a toy. So the next time they see a pot or a pan, they will automatically think of it as a toy – so they reach out for it. Can you imagine what will happen if the pot or pan is actually filled with something hot? You should keep such things away from them. Other things to consider using are childproof stove knob covers as well as oven door locks.


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