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Should You Sell During the Holidays?

Winter Snow Craftman Cape Cod Style Home

Are you a bit hesitant to put your property up for sale during the holiday season? While old trends say that it isn’t wise to do so, the truth is, it might actually be a good idea. Yes. Surprisingly, selling your home at Read More

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Should You Move or Should You Renovate?

Paper house on cracked earth, crisis concept

You come home from work, wanting nothing but to be able to relax with a good cup of coffee only to find that there is no area in your home where you can even do that. You look at the chaos that was Read More

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多伦多文藝季合唱團慈善演唱會圓滿成功 原创 2016-11-05 JS Bonnie幫你安居   上週日10月30日晚,一場由黎炳昭藝術中心主辦,多倫多文藝季合唱團慈善演唱會「自然之歌2016」於列治文山演藝中心舉行,節目現場節目繽彩紛呈,不但有精彩的專業演唱表演,舞蹈和小提琴演出也相當震撼。本次演出收入除必要支出外,將全部捐贈列治文山耆英會及頤康中心。 據主辦方介紹,本次演唱會共演唱20多首中、西名曲,由羅靄儀擔任音樂總監及指揮,由黃啟彥、何廣樺擔任鋼企伴奏,多倫多文藝季合唱團演出。另外,還邀請男聲無伴奏JoyfulSingers參與演出,唐虹老師獨唱及她的學生舞蹈表演,多倫多童聲唱藝及小提琴演奏等。作為服務在列治文山“富豪山莊”26年不間斷蟬聯銷售額冠軍的Bonnie&Daniel  Wan 作為多倫多文藝季合唱團團長的Bonnie Wan同歌唱家 Adrienne Verschuren更是連續精彩獻唱 女高音二重唱”Flower Duet” from Lame 和“春天的芭蕾”,第二首歌的高音更是衝上雲霄直達無人可及的高音階D# ,迎來現場掌聲不斷,將當晚晚會推向高潮。 當晚的演出共分三部分,第一部分為女聲合唱由多倫多文藝季合唱團團長的Bonnie Wan帶領合唱體精彩演繹,演唱曲目包括中文歌曲和英文經典世界名曲。中文歌曲特點是曲目較新,但歌詞是唐詩等新作品,給人帶來新的感覺。 第二部分跟男聲組合作,主要演唱外文歌曲及部分中文歌曲。本次演出的主打歌是《雨後彩虹》,以歌唱大自然。加上獨唱部分,綜合成最豐富的組合。第三部分是嘉賓演出。多倫多童聲唱藝將會演唱西伯萊語歌、英文歌等。由一群6到14歲的可愛小朋友演唱。 當晚活動的舉辦單位多倫多文藝季合唱團為非盈利團體,創立於1999年3月。樂團創辦人黎炳昭先生表示,多年來,合唱團每年舉辦一次慈善籌款演出,在為歌唱愛好者提供表演平臺的同時,也為慈善事業作貢獻。當天的活動中,Bonnie&Daniel   Wan 作為歌唱團團長及應邀嘉賓的不但獻上精彩表演,也慷慨為當晚的活動捐款。 秋季將盡,冬日的腳步越來越近,唯有曼妙的歌聲可以讓人忘記季節的寒冷。唯有慈善的心將溫暖帶給需要的人們,讓寒冷的多倫多永遠珍存這一分熱情。 有道是:秋風蕭瑟冬意近,溫暖歌聲驅寒境。肯心行善是人豪,此情人間需珍盈。 《Bonnie幫你安居》堅持以誠待人,以信為商,為朋友顧客尋找適合房宅,建立溫馨家庭。連續26年在多倫多最漂亮豪華住宅區:列治文山“富豪山莊”26年不間斷蟬聯銷售額冠軍,我們將繼續保持給客戶最優質,最全面,最快捷,最穩健的貴賓式服務。  長按下圖二維碼訂閱”Bonnie 幫你安居”或者直接搜索微信號“Bonniewan9”關注本平台   更多精彩內容,以及房源信息請關注微信平台”Bonnie 幫你安居” 或登錄Bonnie&Daniel的網站查閱 郵箱         直播熱線:647-500-2808/416-230-6888  

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How to Max Out the Value of Your Home

Study in newly constructed home

Homeowners spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on remodels every year and bathroom and kitchen renovations seem to be the top choices for home improvement projects. Of course, you can choose what upgrades to go for depending on what you actually need. However, Read More

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Smart Steps for First Time Homebuyers

smiling couple looking back in front of their house

So, you are about ready to buy your first home. You have to be prepared for it. Perhaps among the challenges you’ll face is the probability that you could be bringing less cash compared to those who are considered seasoned buyers. Your edge, Read More

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Spruce Up Your New Home Without Spending Much

Portrait Of Happy Young Couple Sitting On Floor Looking Up While Dreaming Their New Home And Furnishing

You have saved up to purchase your first home and you are more than glad to be able to move in before the year ends and colder months really set in. The whole cost of paying your down payment as well as the Read More

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