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5 Must-Haves to Sell Your Home to Young Homebuyers

Mixed Race Excited Military Couple In Front of New Home Showing Off Their House Keys.

The younger generation of home buyers is a dominant force in the market. In fact, studies show that those who are born between the years 1980 and 2000 make up the biggest chunk of the buyer market which is about 35%.  Generation X Read More

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What Styles of Homes Do Millennials Want?

interior design designer planning architecture drawing architect business plan construction sketch concept house illustration creative concept - stock image

If you want to know what styles of homes millennials are into, it’s probably easier to first look at what they do not want to buy. For instance, the 1980s is a decade most millennials don’t really like, and homes from around that Read More

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Home Renovation Nightmare: How You Can Avoid It

Miniature House With Various Drafting Items and Plans.

Are you planning to buy a house but you’re on a tight budget? Some may tell you not to get turned off by outdated and a little run-down properties. A few of them may look like a perfect location for a horror movies, Read More

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Top Reasons Tenants Leave Rentals

Apartment for rent sign displayed on residental street. Shows demand for housing, rental market, landlord-tenant relations.

Are you wondering why your tenants are leaving your units? What can you do to prevent them from moving out? Read on and find out. Tenants can move for a hundred different reasons, and why you can’t always make sure you can avoid Read More

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Fire Safety Tips for New Homes

smoke detector on ceiling with smoke

Having your property destroyed by a fire can be ultimately devastating. Each year, there are thousands of houses burned to the ground and countless families lose their homes. This is why we strongly believe that every household should take necessary precautions to keep Read More

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