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What Styles of Homes Do Millennials Want?

If you want to know what styles of homes millennials are into, it’s probably easier to first look at what they do not want to buy. For instance, the 1980s is a decade most millennials don’t really like, and homes from around that time are not exempted from their raised eyebrows.

Some of the elements millennials frown upon in a home include:

–          Avocado-coloured walls, floors, or even appliances

–          Shag carpet flooring

–          Formica counters

–          Gold-tone fixtures

–          Walnut baseboards and cabinets

On the contrary, some of the styles that millennials go for are:

Pre-World War II Homes

These include Victorian homes like Queen Annes, Italianates, Tudors, Colonials, Greek Revivals, California Missions, Arts & Crafts bungalows, and basically any type of architecture that reflect Old World style and character. They commonly have exteriors with frame and wood and are covered in stone, brick, or stucco.

Sleek ‘50s Homes

These are actually homes built between 1945 and 1965. The Cape Cods do fall into this category, but the sleek styles are preferable. Think of homes built by Wright-inspired builders. Some characteristics of these mid-century homes are the flat or shallow-pitched roofs, as well as triangular windows, or any geometric-shaped window for that matter, cantilevered constructions, and floor plans that are big and open.


Think of homes that incorporate Italian or Spanish details. Those are homes that have stucco exteriors and come in multiple levels. They have tile roofs and grand entrances that are characterized by archways. Accents are mostly of wrought iron, and you’d see interior floors of either ceramic or Travertine. Almost always, there would be a highly-dramatic staircase by the front of the home. While the style is originally from the 1920s, it has resurfaced after the year 200s and has since been a big hit.

These three are the top styles that most millenials look for when they’re buying a house.

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