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New Home Design Trends For 2016

new home design trends, 2016 - the right wans

As we prepare to bid farewell to another successful year, it’s fun to look forward to what the future has in store. If you’re planning on getting involved in some heavy home renovations in the months to follow, you may want to think Read More

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Quick Easy Ways To Slash Your Heating Bill This Winter

slash your heating bill this winter - the right wans

Baby, it’s cold outside. Which means your likely reaction is to stay indoors and turn up the heat. But what is all that extra energy costing you? Everyone knows that home heating bills go up as the temperatures go down. Wouldn’t you rather Read More

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3 Cookie Recipes For Your Open House

cookies for your open house, real estate - the right wans

We’ve read the reports and the verdict might be those freshly baked chocolate chip cookies on the kitchen counter are a distracting turn off for the average guest of an open house, but we’re just not buying it (the results, not the property). Read More

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Selling A House Where Pets Live

selling a home where pets live - the right wans

Your love your four legged friends like family, treat them the same. They can destroy your house like family too, and unfortunately, not everyone finds the antics (or aromas) of your fur children adorable, which can be pretty problematic when you’re trying to Read More

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Protect Your Basement From Flooding This Winter

prevent basement floods, winter - the right wans

A world covered in fresh fallen snow makes for a beautiful Christmas morning tableau, but a flooded basement? Not really part of the holiday spirit. You can easily avoid any unwanted holiday plumbing disasters by taking a few preventative measures in advance. Clean Read More

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