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5 Things to Know Before Becoming a Landlord

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The number of first-time buyers is declining. In the past, first-time buyers make up about 40% of all homebuyers but that percentage is continuously shrinking, even when millennials keep on showing interest in becoming buyers, too. So if people are not buying starter Read More

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Top Reasons Tenants Leave Rentals

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Are you wondering why your tenants are leaving your units? What can you do to prevent them from moving out? Read on and find out. Tenants can move for a hundred different reasons, and why you can’t always make sure you can avoid Read More

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A Few Things To Know Before Becoming A Landlord

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The dream of investing in and owning a rental property can bring dollar signs to your eyes – a source of income that requires little work and can help you pay down that 25 year mortgage. What’s not to love? Being a landlord Read More

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