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Don’t be Afraid to Use Colour When Staging Your House, But Don’t Go Crazy

When it’s time to prepare your house for showings, it is tempting to stick with neutral colors that everyone will relate to. However, too much neutral can make your house look cold and uninviting. Don’t be afraid to use colour when staging your house, but don’t go crazy either. It is important to balance your use of colour in a way that will appeal to the majority of those viewing your home.

Stick with Neutrals for the Walls

Obviously, you’ll want to avoid painting your walls in a shade that some people might hate. Pumpkin orange is not a good choice for a wall color, but light tan, off white or gray is an excellent choice.

You want those viewing your home to be able to picture their family photos on the walls and furniture in the living room. If the home shoppers have a green couch and your walls are purple, that can be a deal breaker because shoppers often want a move-in ready home.

Pops of Colour

Where you do want to add colour in the staging process is in items that can be moved around, taken out, swapped out and changed easily. Let’s say you want to add some red to the room to draw the eye. You might add items in red such as:

  • A throw places across the arm of the couch.
  • Pillows on the armchairs.
  • A framed picture with reds and a pop of colour on the frame.
  • A beautiful vase and fresh flowers.
  • One piece of furniture
  • Tablecloth

The idea is to add a pop of colour here and there rather than overwhelming potential homebuyers with a room filled with colour.

Choose Complimentary Shades

As you look at places where you can add colour, you’ll also want to think about different shades you can incorporate. Yellow and ocean-blue look great together and can work to give a room a nautical feel.

A simple look at a colour wheel can help you see which shades are in the same family and what hues complement one another. You can grab a colour wheel at art supply stores, paint stores and online.

For example, orange and red are right next to each other on the wheel and can complement one another nicely, depending upon the shades you choose.

Don’t be afraid to use a bit of colour when staging your home for viewing. You can always swap these little things around until you find the perfect combination that potential home buyers love.

If you’d like help with additional ideas for staging your home for sale, consult with the experts… the Wan real estate team.

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