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Green Spaces in Richmond Hill—An Overview

Green spaces in Richmond Hill abound with are more than 160 parks and almost 550 hectares of undeveloped natural area. One of our favourite things that we here at The Wan Team love about all our green space here in Richmond Hill—is that it is eternal. Our parks are built into the city’s landscape and are protected by the Park Plan. The massive swath of the undeveloped land to the north is protected by 2001 legislation that protects the Oak Ridges Moraine.

Let’s go over a few of our favourite green spaces in Richmond Hill, all of which are open for enjoyment by our residents and their families…

The Top Green Spaces in Richmond Hill

There are far too many green spaces in Richmond Hill to list in a single blog post—but this will provide you with a great overview…

As we mentioned above there are over 160 parks in the city. 166 to be exact, at our last count. The majority of these are small, local parks built for children’s entertainment—but there are a number of large-scale parks that host a large number of yearly outdoor events. One of these parks is Mill Pond park, which is home to a large number of centrally-located cultural events. Another is the Richmond Green Sports Centre and Park. The RGSCP is a modern park space that offers a huge amount of green and entertainment spaces. It includes a skateboard park, a 300-person amphitheatre, not one but two skating rinks and a whole whack of baseball diamonds (which are used for both team use and publicly).

Through Richmond Hill’s extensive Park Plan and our local government’s commitment to outdoor spaces for its residents, our parks will continue to grow and be updated for at least the next 20 years. For more information on the Park Plan, visit: www.RichmondHill.ca/ParksPlan

The Oak Ridges Moraine
We are incredibly lucky to have the Oak Ridges Moraine run through the entire top end of our city. It’s fragile and beautiful ecosystem has been 13,000 years in the making. It’s rolling hills and river valleys formed by retreating glaciers have carved out an awe-inspiring landscape—which is home to one of the biggest ranges of biodiversity in all the province. The moraine itself is one of the most important landforms in Southern Ontario. It’s kettles lakes, rivers, valleys, ponds, forests and wetlands all offer great trails for hiking and lovely views for bird and animal watching. Since 2001 it has been heavily protected thanks to the concerted effort of our citizens, environmental groups and passionate governmental employees. For more information on the moraine and its protection, visit: www.RichmondHill.ca/OakRidgesMoraine

Golf Courses
If you want your green spaces a little more developed, you have a few beautiful golf courses here in Richmond Hill. The variety offers you increasingly-challenging courses that can help hone your skills over the years.

For more information on Richmond Hill—stay tuned to The Wan Team blog! And don’t forget to check out the other Richmond Hill-oriented posts.

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