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Common Issues Overlooked by Home Buyers

It was everything you’ve ever imagined it to be, your ultimate dream home… until you wake up one morning and realized it wasn’t. Unfortunately, too many buyers get overwhelmed and overexcited when they see a prospect. They get too hasty and purchase a property only to realize later on that they have overlooked an important detail that is actually a major issue. The result? Buyer’s remorse!

If you want to avoid being in such a situation, make sure that you are being thorough when you look at a house. Also make sure you include these commonly-overlooked things so you can prevent unpleasant surprises later on:

What the Neighbourhood is Like at Night

Communities do change after sunset. It’s not just danger that you want to be wary of. There may be some factors that could change the way you look at a neighbourhood when everybody’s home from school or work. For instance, you don’t want to be surprised when you learn (a little too late) that your next door neighbour is actually an apartment occupied by college students who think loud music at night and parties every weekend is not a problem.

The Rules of the Homeowners Association

If you are looking at a house that belongs to a neighbourhood with a homeowner’s association, it is a good idea to check their bylaws and other regulations. You may be bummed when you find that you are not allowed to do certain things that are part of your lifestyle.

Whether There’s Room for Changes or Growth

When you buy a house, most likely, you intend to stay there at least for several years. That’s why it is important that you consider what you might need in the future. For example, a two-bedroom ma y be okay now that it’s just you and your partner. You think the extra room would be perfect as your home office. But if you have plans of adding to your family, then that would mean you’re probably going to lose that home office. What will you do if that happens? You don’t want to buy more than what you need and what you can afford, but make sure that you also don’t outgrow the property soon.

How Your Daily Commute Will Be Like

You want to know if there are any possible traffic issues or if there are alternate routes to the places you’re going to drive to on a regular basis, like your office or the kids’ school. It’s always wise to do a road-test during critical hours, like rush hour mornings and evenings.

Moving to a new house is not something you should rush. Know every important detail. In fact, find out everything you can, even about things that you might think minor, because they might turn out to be the cause of your misery later on. Your agent will be a great help in this aspect, too. You can contact us if you’re looking for an agent who cares enough about you to help you find out all the things you want to know not only about the property you’re eyeing, but the community it belongs to as well.

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