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Green Homes in Richmond Hill: How to Lower your Heating Bill

Green homes in Richmond Hill don’t just offer homeowners an excellent way to raise their home’s value—they also get to be eco-chic AND lower their heating bills.

Whether you’re looking into greater energy-savings and energy efficiency in order to lower your heating bill, to lower your eco-footprint or to be able to brand your home as one of the green homes in Richmond Hill—there are a number of things you can do to lower your heating bill…

How to Lower your Heating Bill—Make your Home GREEN
Here are some of our top tips as green Realtors on how to participate in the green homes movement in Richmond Hill while lowering your heating bill:

1. Improved Insulation
Adding extra insulation to your home will greatly decrease the amount of heat that escapes your home, and can be added for a fairly cost-effective price.

2. Tankless Water Heater
A tankless water heater is a relatively expensive investment, but it will add value to your home and make a massive difference to your energy bills. Many plumbing companies offer payment plans that will help you amortize the cost over time, but beware of added interest. For insight on what value a tankless water heater will add to your home, give us a call here at The Wan Team.

3. Energy-Efficient Furnace
If you live in an older home that doesn’t have an energy-efficient furnace then consider upgrading. Get quotes from local HVAC companies that will let you know what it would cost you to upgrade. Then, if you can afford the expense, look at how long it will take you to recoup the investment in energy savings and what it will add to the value of your home when you choose to sell it.

4. Energy-Efficient Windows
Windows degrade over time, and some are (significantly) more energy-efficient than others. A window installation company can give you a quote on what it would cost to upgrade your windows and the potential energy-savings you’ll receive from the upgrade (which they can determine based on the energy deficit from your new windows).

5. Program your Thermostat
If you don’t have a programmable thermostat, you can pick one up from your hardware store without breaking the bank. Once your programmable thermostat is up-and-running you’ll need to decide which hours you can handle turning down the heat. For example, while you’re out at work you can lower your temperature by at least a couple of degrees—and then raise it just in time for you to arrive home from work.

For more tips for green homes in Richmond Hill, and how to save more money on your home energy costs—stay tuned to our blog.

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