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Hosting Your First Open House

You are done preparing your property – counters are cleared, clutters are ditched, grasses are trimmed, and walls are painted fresh. You have even done a bit of staging to achieve the perfect mood! What’s next? Mission: Open House!
You are now opening your doors and luring potential buyers in. How can you get the right people to show up at your doorstep? Here are some tricks of the trade:


  1. Ask your agent about using innovative technology to market your property. Agents announce open houses on different platforms. Why is this important? Modern house-hunters begin searching for homes on their computers, instead of driving around town. That is why it is crucial that you have an above-average presentation of your property. An online brochure of your home, complete with high quality photos and detailed description of your home is the main goal.


  1. Boost foot traffic at a very low price! You can update your for sale sign with one that advertises an “Open House” a week before your event. This “rider” as it is often called could be bought at home improvement stores. You can have them reprinted with the day of your Open House. Do not add a specific date, just Saturday or Sunday, so you can reuse them in case you need to do another open house.


  1. It may seem a terrible idea at first to have nosy neighbours going through your closets and walking in and out of your bedrooms. That actually, is something that could help you! Your neighbours are great sales people for your property. You’d want them in your house. You’d want them telling their colleagues and friends about this “really nice house” in their neighbourhood. Send them invitations or fliers or email them about your open house!


  1. Check the house one final time for anything that could dampen the appeal of your home – a photo no one else needs to see, an animal head on the wall, or your kids’ drawing on the fridge. Those items show your character and that is exactly what we want to erase. We want a clean slate for prospective buyers so they can imagine showing their own personalities in that space.


  1. Get a reliable agent so you won’t have to worry about your open house yourself. If you already have one, then he or she has probably discussed this with you. If so, just grab your kids (or pets) and get out of the way. You’d want buyers to be able to picture themselves in your space, and it’s going to be difficult with you following them around.



A successful open house can make a big difference when it comes to selling your home. Having a reputable agent like Daniel and Bonnie can save you from all the stress hosting an open house entails. Give us a call now!



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