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How to Sell Your Home in the Colder Months

Fall real estate market may not be as hot as summer’s but whoever thinks selling a house in this colder season is a bad idea has no idea what he or she is missing. Selling your house in autumn or fall could be the best thing you can do, depending on how you are set on your journey of home-selling.


This is what you are working with – families are back from their trips and summer vacations, the children are back in school, you can already feel the holidays approaching but there’s some idle time still (about 75 to 80 days) where things feel and run normally. What do you do? You sell your home.


It is not just about how for sale signs look great amidst the vibrant colours of autumn leaves. The people are also happier and more relaxes as the sweater weather slowly kicks in. On top of that, agents work diligently to score a few more sales before the year ends in a couple of months.


If you are set on putting up your home for sale this season, here are some tips to help you attract buyers:


Do Some Yard Cleaning

Overgrown vegetation can easily block the views from your windows, as well as the paths to your entrance. Make sure you cut down bushes that have grown too tall and some tree limbs, too. Rake dead leaves and remove debris from your lawn. By clearing your yard from summer ‘leftovers’, you would be able to showcase your home’s exterior while at the same time let that much needed sunshine in.


Get That Autumn Curb Appeal Going

As you cut down and take out summer vines and dead flowers from seasons past, you are making way for the beauty of autumn to take over. Go for this season’s finest: mums and marigolds. Plant them in pots that you can place on your steps and along the sidewalk. Don’t forget your gourds!


Wow Them with Your Windows

Whether you have been out vacationing with your family the whole summer or had stayed home the whole time, chances are, the summer months had rendered your windows dusty.  And while smudges may go unnoticed to you, unfortunately, they’d catch the attention of buyers and not in a good way.

Impress your potential buyers with sparkling windows. Remove the screens and spray them clean. Your buyer would want to take a look at the view from the windows, and while they’re at it, you can be sure they’re checking out the window itself too.


Make Them Fall for Fall Flavours

It’s a smart idea to set out pumpkin cupcakes fresh from the oven when you have an autumn open house. You can also place a tray of cinnamon sticks and whole cloves on the counter. Cookies and a hot apple cider will warm your buyers up, too.


These tips can help make the most of this season. Remember, although seasons are a big factor, it’s how you present your home that matters most.

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