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Make Your Home Safe and Secure

When you ask homebuyers, most will tell you that neighbourhood security is one of the top two priorities, second only to finding an affordable price.

About 76% of homebuyers say that neighbourhood security is extremely important when they look for a new house to purchase and live in. Most homebuyers also believe it’s very important to replace the locks of their new house after they move in and installing a security system is definitely to be considered.

Now why are we writing about security? Well, we want to make sure that you as a buyer are doing everything you can to make your new home as safe and secure as possible.

Include Safety in Your Priorities

You do not want to realize a little too late that your newly-purchased home is right in the middle of a hotbed of crime. It’s smart to research about local crime rates when you’re looking at homes. There are online tools that can provide you with comprehensible overlay of publically reported crime. Of course, your real estate agent will help you look for the safest neighbourhoods.

Address All Security Risks

After you close on the home, the first step you should take is to assess all the safety precautions and security systems that are already installed and what else is needed. You should not put this off because it’s very easy to forget about this later on. There are simple steps you can do like install new locks and smoke detectors. You should also consider systems that can protect you from break-ins. Getting a dog is also to be considered. Better yet invest in those modern professionally-monitored security systems.

Get to Know Your New Neighbours

Introducing yourself to the neighbours and perhaps inviting them over for dinner can definitely go a long way in improving the level of safety and security in your home and in your neighbourhood. See, after you get to know Tom and Jeannie from next door, you can breathe a little knowing that they’re likely to keep an eye on your house when you’re away. Ask around if there is a neighbourhood watch program that you can join, or if there’s none and you have the time, start one! You’d be surprised at how many people are willing to participate in such programs.

What do you do right now to secure your home? How active are you in your neighbourhood’ efforts in keeping your area safe? Share your experiences with us!



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