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Multiple Listings In Your Neighborhood? How To Stand Out Amongst The Crowd!

Even though the Toronto housing market is going strong, you may need to sell your house quickly because of a pending move, a major upcoming life event or financial hardship. When there are multiple homes listed in a neighborhood, this can make it harder to sell your house quickly. You’re competing against all the other houses for sale. The only way to sell your house fast and get the attention of buyers is to do a few things that make you stand out amongst the crowd.

Visit the Other Listings

The first thing you should do is to visit the other listings in your neighborhood. If those houses offer an open house, take the time to drop in and check out the features and pricing of the other home that is for sale.

Take note of anything the other listings have to offer that your house does not and discuss them with your real estate professional. Do you need to do some remodeling? Perhaps a fresh coat of paint is in order?

What does your house have to offer that the others don’t? Figure out how to highlight the best features of your home to make it stand out from the other home listings in the area.

Stage Your House

One of the easiest ways to make your house is to make it look like a model home by staging it. It’s important to de-personalize the space. You want the buyer to feel as though she can move in tomorrow and put her own stamp on the place.

Declutter and pack away personal items like family photos and the kids’ art work that you keep on the fridge.

Another thing you’ll want to do is to get rid of any unusual colors. Cover that neon pink wall in your daughter’s room with a neutral tone. The mural your dad painted on the kitchen wall may be something you love, but a buyer may not appreciate it. Cover it with primer and neutral paint. Buyers today want a home that is move-in ready. They don’t want to paint walls or do other labor before moving in.

Offer a Bonus

Think about what you can offer that the other houses aren’t. For example, covering closing costs for a first-time home buyer may bring in an offer if other sellers are not offering this. If the carpet really needs replaced, offer an allowance so the buyer can choose his own carpet after moving in.

Standing out from the other listings in your neighborhood is something that professional realtors Daniel and Bonnie Wan are experts in. Contact them today for some ideas on how your listing can stand out from the crowd.

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