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Prepping Your Home for Sale During the Hottest Selling Season

Are you thinking of getting your home listed this summer and hoping to sell it before school starts? Then you should not waste time! While looking for or meeting with an agent, do the necessary preparations for your home. Not sure where to start? Here we have listed some of the things you need to cover quickly if you want to capitalize on this hot selling season!


Start repairing.  Tackle all the necessary repairs. Don’t fool yourself into thinking that buyers would not notice if there are “some small things” that need repairing. Remember that you are not the only home the buyers are visiting. Make sure everything is working and looking good. Repaint chipped walls. Replace loose floorboards. Fix leaking gutters. You will actually save both time and money when you do this prior to listing your house. You do not want to waste time negotiation with buyers over minor repair issues too.


No clutter, please. You probably know this already. If so, then what are those dated magazines still doing there? Remove everything that might be an eyesore to prospective buyers. You won’t believe the number of deals killed by clutter! Whatever is left after you de-clutter should be organized.


There should be nothing personal left in your home. Take down anything that might belong in this category- that includes heirlooms, photos, and such. Similarly, you should remove anything that could be quite controversial like political or religious items. Remember that you do not know who would be walking in soon, you do not want to offend a possible buyer because you have different beliefs!


Focus on your curb appeal. Your front yard, lawn, or garden is the first thing that a buyer sees. Add to that the side of the street that is directly in front of your home. You have to be sure that everything is clean. There should be no old cars parked there. Trim the grass, have plants and flowers, and just give your home’s exterior that fresh look to attract buyers.


These are only a few of the things that you could do really fast, for your home to be prepared in time for listing this summer. Once you have those covered, all that’s left for you to do is find the best agent to represent you. Bonnie and Daniel Wan can help you with the whole selling process. Let them take care of selling your house this summer so you get to enjoy this wonderful season, too!


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