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Tips for Staging your Home on a Budget

One of the keys to getting your home sold quickly is to stage it so that it looks more like a model home and less like your own residence. There are some simple ways to de-personalize your space and make it as attractive to buyers as possible, and these tips for staging your home on a budget will help you accomplish this goal without breaking the bank.

Get Your Home Ready for Sale

  • Pack away your personal items.

You want potential buyers to be able to picture themselves living in the house. Go through your house and be ruthless about removing pictures of family members, diplomas, your children’s art projects and any wall or door decorations that feature their names. If you wouldn’t see it in a model home, then it shouldn’t be on display in yours once you put it on the market. Put these things in storage until after you move.

  • Get rid of clutter.

We all have things that we hang on to for far too long, and the time when you decide to sell your house is the perfect time to go through your belongings to decide what should stay and what you can part with. You want potential buyers to be able to get a clear idea of the amount of square feet that your home has to offer. If it is cluttered up, they will feel closed in and will not be able to appreciate all that your home has to offer.

Sell or donate unwanted items. You can store things that you would like to move with you but don’t necessarily want potential buyers to see.

  • Clean the house from top to bottom.

Your home should be clean and fresh-smelling when prospective buyers come for a showing. If they detect an unpleasant odour, they will not be able to get past it to see any of the appealing features of the home.

  • Paint rooms in a neutral tone.

If it’s been some time since your home has been painted, freshen up the walls and trim with a new coat of paint. It will give the room a clean appearance. When you put the furniture back into the room, rearrange it to make the room look attractive to buyers by keeping the concept open and simple.

For more suggestions about staging your home on a budget, consult with Daniel and Bonnie Wan. Contact them today to discuss your plans for selling your property.

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