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What Photos Should You Take in an Open House?

The whole process of house-hunting may seem very exciting but everyone who has experienced it would probably tell you to enjoy every part that you could while you still could. Why? Well, things could get really stressful fast – especially if you are in that stage where you attend open houses. And if you have more than two houses two compare, it could be very confusing.


So what can you do to help clear up all the possible confusions? Equip yourself with a camera (or use your phone’s camera) and be sure to point it in the right area. If you do not know which parts of the house you should actually take photos of, read on, and we’ll tell you where you should be clicking away!


All right. Before anything else, you should keep in mind your goal here. Why are you going to use a camera? It’s simply so you will not have a hard time remembering which house has the specific features you are looking for, or which ones need repairs on particular rooms.


First on the list should be the areas that are heavily used. These areas include the front area, the kitchen, the bathrooms, and the yards. Also, take photos of those that might require fixing – loose floorboards, broken windows, and more. Take photos of these areas. If possible, show them to a home improvement contractor who will give you a quote for the cost of repair for these areas.


Next, you would want to take pictures of the rooms that you require. These are the rooms that are on your “must have” list. It could be a separate laundry room, an office, a walk in closet, or a garage storage space. Make sure you take photos of these in every house that has them for comparison.


Take snapshots of every room in the house, especially if you are going to have your own furniture. This way, you can visualize and consider how you are going to arrange your things in the rooms of the house you want to buy.


Also, take a few photos of the street view that you will have, and if possible, various landmarks and important buildings like schools, hospitals, and more in the neighbourhood. You would, after all, consider these things before choosing a house to purchase.


House hunting is both exciting and challenging. It is by following simple tips like these that you can get through the whole process more easily. Well, that, and having a great agent. If you haven’t found the right one for you, try giving Bonnie and Daniel Wan. They are successful in the industry! They wouldn’t mind helping out with the photos, too!

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