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City Living Or Countryside? Which Area Is Right For You

It may seem a little Green Acres (you know, that Zaza Gabor classic?) but packing up and leaving the city life for the country, and vice versa, can lead to a serious case of culture shock. Do you think you can up and leave your city home in favour of laid back country living, or step out of your comfortable comfort zone and keep pace in the city that never sleeps? When it comes to city versus country, it’s really a matter of perspective, but there are a few things you might want to think about when you’re considering the move:

More Bang For Your Buck
In terms of real estate, supply and demand dictates housing prices. Property in the city, where there is always a constant influx of people, is highly sought after and therefore usually comes with a hefty price tag, especially in those areas that are gentrifying. Where you may have to shell out well over a half a million dollar for a three or four bedroom home in the city, in the country you can get something for the same size or larger for significantly less.

The Case For Space
With a large population comes a need for vertical housing to keep everyone where they want to be, and when buildings aren’t reaching sky high, they’re being packed in tightly to provide more housing for more people. Most city homes come with tiny lots. No kids, no pets? This should be of little concern to you, even if you like outdoor entertaining. But if you’re planning for a few of each, a country home may be more your size.

Time Of Your Life
Things are done a little differently in the country. If you’re looking to slow the pace of your life a little, the country is where to do it. But bear in mind, that laid back attitude means things run a little differently in the country. Shops close earlier, on weekends, and the ample selection you might expect isn’t as readily available. The city, however, tends to thrive on activity, with shops, restaurants and bars staying open into the wee hours of the morning.

These Are The People In Your Neighbourhood
Living in a city, it’s easy to be just another face in the crowd. You can get to know your neighbours to the left and right of you, but what about the people down the street? Often in big cities, people tend to pride their privacy – they may wave hello if they see you on the street but tend to let the familiarity end there.

In the rural communities, rest assured that everyone will make an effort to get to know your name, greet you hello and invite you over for a meal at least once. Smaller communities tend to focus on fostering friendships and relying on each other. A lot of people also feel safer raising their children in smaller communities where they know they share similar values with the people around them, and where strangers are welcome but also taken note of.

It’s clear to see that both areas enjoy a list of pros and cons, and we’d never say that one is better than the other, rather it’s important for you to decide which area beset suits your family and lifestyle. Looking for a home in the Richmond Hill, Bayview Hill, Markham or Thornhill areas? We’re the Right Wan’s for the job! Take a look at our listings or contact us today to see what we can do for you!

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