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How To Host An Open House

When selling your home, every little thing you do counts, and hosting an open house is a great way to get people in the door.

Once your house has been cleaned (preferably by a professional) staged, and priced right, you can set up an open house. Here are a few tips to getting it right the first time:

Scope Out The Competition
Chances are there are other people in your area who are hosting open houses as well, and it doesn’t hurt to take the time to visit and see what they did, and where you can improve on that. If your houses or lots are similar, what can you do to make yours stand out from the crowd?

Stage Your Space
Though you may have spent countless hours decorating your home to suit your tastes, that unique style might actually make it harder for people to picture themselves in your home. There are tons of ways to stage your home to make it more appealing to a wider range of people, like setting the mood with lights, soft music, and natural scents (like baking cookies!) but steer clear of synthetic fragrances, since a guest may be allergic and the last thing you want is to cause an allergic reaction!

Get The Word Out
Whether you want to target a select demographic of people or you just want to take advantage of the walking traffic, you need to advertise! From free to paid, you’ve got a host of options. Start by telling friends and family and sharing it on social media. Next write colourful, descriptive ad and put it in local listings, classifieds and open house directories. Use signs at the nearest intersection, on the corner, along the street, and right outside the house.

Be Welcoming
The most important thing about hosting an open house is creating a good first impression. Board your pets for the day, hide your valuables, and greet your guests as they come through the door. Offering coffee and a snack or even a light lunch is also a thoughtful way of saying thanks for stopping by! Be available to answer any questions they may have, and even take them on a tour.

Don’t forget to keep your driveway clear and ask your neighbours not to park in front of your house for easy access for those potential buyers who are driving.

Prepare A Pamphlet
Though it’s not necessary to do this, providing a property description sheet or pamphlet that features beautiful, high quality photos of the house and all pertinent information – address, price, your or your realtors contact information, a brief description of the property, square footage, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, special features, upgrades, school info and neighbourhood amenities – for guests to take home with them gives them easy access to the information they need when they’re ready to make a decision.

Ask For Feedback
Though it may seem an imposition, you never know until you ask! Ask each guest what they thought of your home and if they would consider buying it. Though no one likes to hear negative feedback, these answers will be especially helpful if the offers are slow in coming.

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