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Our 5 Favourite Tips For Staging Your Home

You may love the interior decorating in your home – you should, you chose it! But as modern or trendy as your accents and style might be, a potential buyer may not see in the same light. The good news is, simple changes, subtractions and additions can mean the difference between multiple walkouts and multiple offers.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get your house ready for showings – here are our favourite 5 home staging tips to get your home ready for sale:

Clear The Clutter

It’s hard for buyers to imagine the potential of a space if they’re distracted by the clutter, so take a good look at what you have and figure out what you can and can’t live without for the duration of the sale. Having too much or too large furniture can also contribute to the overall cluttered feeling of a home, and professional stagers will often take away as much as half of a homeowners furnishings, which can help make a home feel larger.

Your closet may already live by the rule: for every new item that comes in, an old one has to go. If you plan on renting furniture to sit in place of your worn set, this rule also applies.

Get Better Lighting

Many people overlook the importance of lighting in their home, but the proper lighting can make a staged home look warm and welcoming. Increase the wattage of your lamps and fixtures, aiming for a total 100 watts for each 50 square feet. And don’t depend on just one or two fixtures per room – make sure you have three types of lighting – ambient, task and accent.

Make It Seem Bigger

You can call a room cozy but small is small. You can make a room appear bigger by painting it the same colour as the adjacent room. Another great way to give the illusion of space is to bring in mirrors. Individual mirrors or those that go from floor to ceiling will reflect light and make a small room seem more open.

Keep It Neutral

Giving a room a fresh coat of paint in a neutral colour can help tone down dated finishes and add to the overall modern appeal of the space. White is always a safe bet but there’s so much more to neutral that eggshell and beige. Think tan, honey, soft blues and even grey. Don’t forget to cover any bold walls in a neutral colour, since daring hues have a tendency to reduce offers.

A Kitchen Facelift

If your kitchen is dated or looking a little worse for wear but you can’t afford to or don’t want to shell out extra money to renovate it, a simple solution that’s also budget friendly is to replace the doors and exchange old hardware for higher end. Give it all clean coat of paint so everything matches.

When it comes to making a sale, the devil is in the details. Little changes, a thorough cleaning and even a professional paint job can really cut down on the time your house sits on the market. For more tips and advice on how to perfectly stage your home for sale, contact the Right Wan’s – we have the experience and the know-how to take your home from lived-in and loved to fabulous in no time!





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