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When’s The Best Time Of Year To Sell Your Home?

A home buyers mantra: location, location, location. For sellers, it should be: timing is everything, as the time of year you list your home can either make or cost you money.

When you’re ready to sell, the season can have a lot to do with how long your listing sits on the market. And the best season to list a single family home? Spring, followed by early to mid fall.

Folks looking for a new home to accommodate their growing family are searching under a different set of conditions, especially when older kids are involved. They usually prefer to have the transaction sorted and wrapped up before summer sets in, when kids are out of school for summer vacation. There’s also the issue of new school registrations, not to mention who wants to be loading moving vans faced with all those high summer temperatures?

In spring, the weather is better suited to show your home at its best. After a long winter, buyers are refreshed and in good spirits. With gardens in bloom and leaves on the trees, your home seems more inviting. It’s also a lot easier to get the house ready to show (spring cleaning, anyone?) and keep it that way.

But remember: if and when everyone has the same idea you’ll be faced with extra competition, so make sure your house is always in tip top shape and viewing ready at a moment’s notice.

After spring, early fall is the next best time of year to list, especially if the weather stays pleasant. The cooler weather and changing leaves offer a lovely tableau, but be prepared to keep on top of the curb appeal!

Those selling condos or townhomes are less likely to have to worry about the time of year they list, since many of the conditions outlined above don’t apply. Often, these domiciles are favoured among the first-time home buyers set, who tend to be more concerned with parking, recreation facilities, and if good restaurants and entertainment are within walking distance.

While there’s no wrong time of year to sell your home, there’s a proven “sweet spot” and if you strike while the iron is hot, chances are you’ll get exactly what you’re asking for.



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