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What to do With a Spare Room

With spare rooms hard to come by in the Canadian real estate market, you best know that having one makes you the envy of many.  It is almost a disservice to mankind if you let it go unused that is why we have come up with spare room ideas just for you! Draw inspiration from some of our suggestions below.

  1. Reading Room

If you are a bookworm at heart then having a reading room is just for you. Give your extensive and beloved collection a room of their own to further prolong their shelf life.
In fixing your reading room, make proper lighting, shelving and seating a priority. Make sure to create a space that fits not only your needs but your comfort, as well.

Home Gym

What better way to keep up with your fitness resolution than by having a personal gym at home!

You don’t have to invest in fancy equipment to build a home gym. All you need are some essential weights, resistance bands, medicine balls, a full-length mirror, and a good quality speaker to pump you up during your workouts!

  1. Home Theater

Nothing draws a family closer than a good movie so why not turn that spare room into your very own home theater? Having a dedicated media center at home clears your living room from unsightly heaps of wires, which makes for a more open and inviting entryway for family and guests.

  1. A Walk-in Closet

Fashionistas everywhere will rejoice at the thought of a walk-in closet. Converting a spare room to a closet makes for a more efficient use of valuable space in your own room.

You can also turn this into a changing room where you can get ready in the morning, just equip it with a vanity and you are all set.

  1. Game Room

Every household can benefit from having a dedicated game room. Whether you have kids or not, this is a good way to have endless fun with friends and family.

Invest on a ping-pong table or put your extensive video game collection out on display! When it comes to your very own game room, there are simply boundless options.

Of course, these are only a few of spare room ideas you can draw inspiration from. The possibilities are as endless as your imagination!

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