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Winterize Your Home Like a Pro

The winter cold exposes your home to a long list of hazards and harsh elements that can ultimately lead to an even longer list of costly damages.

Getting your home ready to face the blistering cold is not as hard as you think! We have made a list of all pro winterizing tips you need for the season. Read on to find out more.

Prevent heat from coming in by sealing your windows.

The last thing you want during is for draft to come in your home. There are cheap and relatively easy self-sticking foam insulations you can buy at any hardware store that can seal in your windows. Ice and snow can do a lot of damage on your window’s structure, which is why it is vital to keep as much water from seeping in as possible.

 Clean your gutter.

Ice dams and icicles are annoying and dangerous nuisances for any homeowner. Regularly cleaning them can ensure water flows away form the house, which prevents the water from getting into the foundation. We all know how costly it is to repair damaged foundation so get to cleaning ASAP!

Invest in draft guards.

We know draft guards are not the most exciting home additions but they do wonders in keeping the cold out! These fairly inexpensive pads can prevent heat from escaping, which means more savings on next month’s electric bill.

Install a good quality thermostat.

Your electric bill can shoot up tremendously during winter that is why it is important to have a good quality thermostat. Having one allows you to monitor and program your home’s heating – which make for a more efficient electric consumption.

A good thermostat also makes it easier to keep your heating system running on its optimum for longer by preventing you from putting strain on the system.

These winterizing steps are all you need to keep your home warm and ready for the season.

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